I'm Damon, and I've done a lot of cool stuff with art and life over the years. After all sorts of adventure, I can safely say that my true calling is in 3D character animation. For the first time ever, I can focus solely on my career, and I'm never giving up.


I just sent my application for Animation Mentor. I'm eagerly awaiting their review of this portfolio and joining the AM community.


I may have studied enough to possibly skip basic, but I'd likely benefit from taking it, as it's been years since I've created any work. I'm jealous of many AM basics reels I've seen, but I also have a lot of time to catch up. Unlike many, I'll be unemployed, dedicating 8-10 hours per day to animation. This, combined with my experience may make it ok to skip Basic, but I leave that judgement to you.


 Ultimately, I'd like to graduate the creature animation courses, but one step at a time.


Please enjoy my splash reel from last year and my portfolio from the years past.


Thanks for stopping in, have a great day!